Handle MATCH Results


As part of Onboarding as a Payfac, you can opt in to WePay's MATCH offering. WePay will verify sub-merchant data against the MasterCard MATCH Screening service, and we will email you the details if we identify a positive MATCH list hit.

WePay will email you weekly with any MATCH positive hits to fraud@{clientname}.com.

It is your obligation to perform due diligence and identify true matches on the list, and offboard them as appropriate. Note that any true matches that are not offboarded within 3 business days and continue to process payments may incur fines from card networks.

When you do offboard or close a true match submerchant account, they must be closed within three (3) business days per card network rules. You will then send a confirmation of the account closure to WePay by responding to the original email from Wepay once the account has been closed.