Card Present Overview


The Card Present solution is currently in Beta.


Card Present refers to transactions for merchants based in the US where the payer and merchant are face to face and begin a transaction with a physical card present. Our Card Present solutions require permission from WePay to integrate, so be sure to get in touch with your account manager and/or integration team.

If you do not already have an account manager and/or integration team, reach out to us to start this process:

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What To Expect

1. Select a product

2. Evaluate Card Present options

  • Choose between Terminals, Mobile Card Readers, or a combination.
  • Build an Android and/or iOS mobile app.

3. Begin Integrating

Follow these guides to inform your own UI and app decisions, and code for use cases.

Development Components
Partner PCI Burden
EMV Certification
Leveraging our pre-certified Terminal and/or Mobile Card Reader devices allows partners to circumvent the EMV certification process.
Hardware Fulfilment
Leveraging the Link or Clear with Hosted Experiences products allows merchants to order hardware through the WePay-managed merchant dashboard.

Leveraging the Clear product gives your partner the option to choose between user referral, contract deployment, or wholesale fulfillment methods.
Payment UIs
Custom (Mobile and Terminal) or Prebuilt (SmartPOS)
Payment Use Cases
  • store & forward
  • delayed, manual, and partial capture
  • keyed entry
  • manual and physical auth
  • card verification

Mobile Card Readers
  • delayed, manual, and partial capture
Included with SDK packages
Integration Effort

You'll need the following items, which your integration team at WePay will guide you through acquiring:

  • Pre-Certified devices
  • Card Present SDK
  • API extensions

Your integration will vary depending on the type of Pre-Certified devices that you order. We offer two types of Pre-Certified devices:

  • Terminals -- These are stand-alone devices which handle card authorization. They have their own network capabilities and UIs.
  • Mobile Card Readers -- These devices read card data, and rely on network capabilities and UIs from the connected mobile device an application in order to process authorizations.

Feature Availability

Mobile OS
  • iOS
  • Android
Logsharing for Debugging
Smart POS
Mobile Card Readers
  • USD


Before integrating a Card Present solution, be sure that your platform and merchants meet the following prerequisites:

IntegrationLeverage Link or Clear to onboard merchants.
SecurityN/A for exclusively Card Present integrations; check PCI scope for Card Not Present transactions.All merchants using Card Present to process need to maintain PCI compliance.
Card Network RulesYour tools must comply with Card Network Rules. Specifically, take note of:N/A
GeographyLegal Entity based in the US
AccessiOS or Android appiOS or Android device

Hardware Comparison

FeatureVerifone P400Verifone V400mXAC AT-170RIngenico Moby 5500
Dimensions6.6L x 3.1W x 1.7H in6.3L x 2.8W x 2.3H in9.10L x 4.48W x 2.83H in3L x 2.1W x .58H in
ProcessorARM Cortex A9 600MHzARM Cortex A9 600MHzARM Cortex A7 1.1GHzARM Cortex M4 150MHz
ConnectivityWiFi/EthernetWiFi/EthernetWiFi/EthernetBluet ooth
Receipt PrinterThermalThermalThermalnone
Card InterfaceSwipe/EMV/NFCSwipe/EMV/NFCSwipe/EMV/NFCSwipe/EMV/NFC

Integrate The Card Present SDK

The Card Present SDK converts authorization data and metadata collected by a Pre-Certified device into an encoded payment method token used to create a Payment via the API.

Due to the permissioned nature of Card Present transactions, reach out to your account manager to receive the Card Present SDK package.

To install, configure, and initialize the Card Present SDK, follow the PDF Getting Started integration guide provided in the SDK package. The Getting Started guide is also available on the home page of the static HTML site provided in the SDK package.

Upgrade The Card Present SDK Version

Follow the Getting Started integration guide included in the SDK package.

Launch Checklist

This checklist is specific to card present transactions. Be sure to review launch checklists for Link or Clear merchant onboarding, card-not-present transactions, and other integration pieces.
Mobile Card ReadersTerminals

Next Up: Card Present Integration

Begin integrating Terminals or Mobile Card Readers.

TerminalsCard Readers