Procure Mobile Card Readers


Contact us to request mobile card reader quantity and environment (i.e. stage, production). We currently support the Moby 5500 as our pre-certified mobile card reader.

Ingenico Moby 5500


This device is currently in BETA.

Ingenico Moby 5500


  • Contactless card reader (NFC)
  • Mag stripe card reader
  • Chip card reader
  • External power supply
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Ensure Merchant Readiness

In order for merchants to process payments with mobile card readers, they must provide the following information (passed to us via the API):

Information NeededAPI Parameter(s)
Legal Entity
Controller's address
  • controller.address.line1
  • controller.address.line2 (if applicable)
  • controller.address.postal_code
  • controller.address.region
Controller's email address
Controller's name
Controller's phone number
  • industry.merchant_category_code
  • name
Statement description
  • statement_description

Prerequisites are subject to change, and any changes will be documented here.

Fulfill Merchant Orders

Once you physically have mobile card readers, you can begin testing and development and designing your user flow.

Link Integrations

Partners integrating our Link solution do not need to implement fulfillment. Merchants will order mobile card readers directly through their Chase dashboard.

Clear Integrations

Partners integrating our Clear solution must design and implement a hardware fulfillment flow. First, we will connect you with POS Portal, our preferred fulfillment provider, and you will select one of the below fulfillment methods.

You have a few options with regards to fulfilling merchant mobile card reader orders:

End User Referrals

POS Portal will set up a custom-branded microsite where you direct merchants to place orders. POS Portal will then fulfill orders.

MerchantPlatformPOS PortalDirect to micrositeOrder Card ReaderLoad keys and SDKShip Card ReaderMerchantPlatformPOS Portal

Contract Deployment

Merchants order mobile card readers from you, the platform, and you in turn submit the order to POS Portal. POS Portal then manages fulfillment and logistics on your behalf.

MerchantPlatformPOS PortalOrder Card ReaderRequest FulfillmentLoad keys and SDKShip Card ReaderMerchantPlatformPOS Portal


You, the partner, completely manage fulfillment by obtaining mobile card readers wholesale from POS Portal, and managing shipment and stock logistics for your merchants.

MerchantPlatformPOS PortalOrder Card ReaderOrder Card ReadersLoad keys and SDKShip Card ReadersShip Card ReaderMerchantPlatformPOS Portal

Support Hardware

All technical & device support is managed by POS Portal.

Support on Link Integrations

You, the platform, are expected to provide support for all point of sale related questions.

WePay/Chase will provide end-user support for all mobile card reader and payment related questions via:

  • Email
  • Chat

Support on Clear Integrations

You, the platform, are expected to provide end-user (Tier 1) support for merchants. This includes all point of sale questions in addition to mobile card reader and payment related questions.

WePay/Chase will provide support to your platform (Tier 2) for mobile card reader and payment related questions.

Troubleshooting Tips

We encourage platforms to incorporate these steps into your own app, and to leverage these tips during your own testing and development. Remember that we cannot offer direct tech support to merchants for point of sale issues, as we do not have insight into your point of sale application.

  • Is your mobile app properly running on the device?
  • Is the reader charged?
  • Is the card inserted/swiped the correct way?
  • Is the reader fully inserted into the audio jack? (RP457c AudioJack only)