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Sign Up

Follow the instructions listed here to sign your payfac up with WePay. Once you sign up, you'll receive WePay API credentials which you'll use in the WePay API to onboarding your sub-merchants to Chase.

Review API Basics

Be sure to review our guidance on how WePay handles certain API items like request headers and rate limits, idempotency, and errors.

Subscribe to Notifications

Notifications are Webhooks sent by the WePay system to you, the payfac. For Onboarding as a Payfac, it is not mandatory to subscribe to any API Notifications. That being said, they will help you understand a sub-merchant's onboarding progression. For example, an API Notification can update you about a sub-merchant's entered KYC data, and whether more information needs to be supplied.

Subscribe to API Notifications with a POST /notification_preferences request. In general, the topics used for Onboarding as a Payfac are:

legal_entities.* accounts.*

If a Notification fails to reach your servers, we retry with the following pattern:

  • 1st retry 15 minutes after the initial attempt.
  • 2nd retry 30 minutes after the 1st retry.
  • 3rd retry 1 hour after the 2nd retry.
  • 4th retry 6 hours after the 3rd retry.
  • 5th retry 12 hours after the 4th retry.
  • 6th retry 24 hours after the 5th retry.

WePay defines “failing to reach your servers” as receiving any HTTP code other than 200 or 201, and this includes network retries. API Notifications are stored on WePay's end for 30 days, and so aren't permanently kept. If you haven't subscribed to API Notifications, you won't be able to retrieve older API Notifications once subscribed.