Go Live


Complete the following items to certify your integration with WePay Core before going live.

Legal Entity API
  1. Submerchant data is passed successfully and received by WePay
AmEx OptBlue onboarding and marketing opt-in
  1. Amex OptBlue opt-in turned on in the POST /accounts API request
  2. Updated Global Sponsored Merchant File (GSMF) file on successful AmEx OptBlue onboarding
  3. Opt submerchants in on the POST /accounts API request
AmEx OptBlue offboarding
  1. Account API updated to turn off Amex OptBlue
  2. Updated GSMF file with Merchant/Seller ID removed on a success
Amex OptBlue daily batch file
  1. Provide SFTP address on default port 22
  2. Successful delivery and receipt of batch file
Manual MATCH process
  1. Test email from WePay email alias to Payment Facilitator (PayFac) email alias mocking a MATCH positive hit on a submerchant
  2. Email response from PayFac email alias to WePay email alias indicating that the merchant is closed on the PayFac system

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