UI Notes for Card on File

When constructing a UI, consider these details for deleting recurring payments:

  • The API returns information indicating if the transaction is [recurring + Card on File] or just [recurring]
  • Even one-off (e.g. shopping cart) transactions will have a Card on File indicator
  • Included in the auth response data is information to determine if the auth request is MIT or CIT [Merchant Initiated Transaction] or [Cardholder Initiated Transaction]

The following JSON is the response object after POST /payment_method has been sent.

Notice credit_card.card_on_file and credit_card.recurring in this response object:
    "id": "00000000-6363-0000-0000-003948e86c48",
    "resource": "payment_methods",
    "path": "/payment_methods/00000000-6363-0000-0000-003948e86c48",
    "owner": {
        "id": "707524",
        "resource": "applications",
        "path": null
    "create_time": 1666129632,
    "status": "verified",
    "type": "credit_card",
    "credit_card": {
        "card_holder": {
            "holder_name": "Pete Periwinkle",
            "email": null,
            "address": {
                "line1": null,
                "line2": null,
                "city": null,
                "region": null,
                "postal_code": "85369",
                "country": "US"
            "phone": {
                "country_code": null,
                "phone_number": null,
                "type": null
        "virtual_terminal_mode": null,
        "auto_update": false,
        "card_brand": "mastercard",
        "card_entry_type": "card_keyed",
        "expiration_month": 6,
        "expiration_year": 2026,
        "bin": "549619",
        "last_four": "4769",
        "display_name": "MasterCard xxxxxx4769",
        "backing_display_name": null,
        "card_on_file": false,
        "recurring": false,
        "cvv_provided": false
    "custom_data": null,
    "api_version": "3.0"