Leverage WePay's Clear APIs and prebuilt UI components to quickly offer your own payments suite to your users.  

What To Expect
1. Platform Onboarding
  • Register to generate your stage API keys and begin testing Clear APIs
  • Apply some global tools and requirements, like the WePay JS and risk information-handling
2. Onboard Merchants

Before payments can be processed, create an API resource identifying the merchant -- the one accepting payments

3. Process Payments

Once a merchant is onboarded and verified, begin processing payments for them via the API

Clear Features
Merchant pricing options
Platform monetizationEarn the delta between merchant and processing fees
BrandingCustomizable branding on pre-built user experience components
End-user supportPlatform-managed, with WePay support available to your teams
Development Components
Merchant Reports
  • Standard reports via WePay's Merchant Center
  • Custom reports via WePay's Partner Center
Payment UIs
End-user System Emails
  • WePay-managed
Merchant Onboarding UIs
Data Tokenization
Dispute Management
  • Via WePay Merchant Center
Integration Effort
  • Low

Launch Checklist

Throughout the integration and development guides, these items will be re-iterated and highlighted. Additionally, your integration team at WePay will help ensure that these items are covered. Review these items as part of your evaluation:

Set Up Platform
Onboard Merchants
Process Payments
Manage Payment Operations


Contact WePay for contract options:

  • If you're already working with our sales team, reach out to your contact.
  • If you're looking to start the discussion, please reach out to