Merchant Location and Currency


This article discusses the merchant locations and currencies we currently support, and provides specific details for supporting Canada-based merchants.

Supported Currencies

Even though we technically support Legal Entities in many countries, the supported currencies for Accounts and Payout Methods are:

  • USD
  • CAD

Single Location Merchant

A merchant in a given country with a payout method in that country will receive payments in that country's currency. For instance, a merchant based in the United States with a bank account in the United States will receive payments in USD.

Likewise, payers will make payments in the merchant's currency. Following the example above, a payer from the United States paying that US-based merchant will pay in USD. A payer from outside the United States, on the other hand, will pay in USD and will see any difference due to exchange rate in their card statement.

Exchange rates are calculated at the time the payment is created.

Multilocation Merchant

We currently support a single currency per Account. That said, multiple Accounts can be created for a merchant if they have a bank account in each country for the currencies in which they want to process.

The integration guides and examples focus primarily on supporting merchants based in the United States. Learn about the different requirements for supporting merchants based in countries other than the US in this article.

Support Canadian Merchants

The following integration sections contain deltas between Canada-based and US-based merchants:

Onboard Merchants in Canada


Canadian merchants are exclusively supported by the Clear solution with card-not-present payment processing at this time.

First, the Canada-specific Terms of Service URL must be provided to Canada-based merchants during onboarding.

Next, make the following changes to onboard Canada-based merchants to WePay:

  1. Create a Legal Entity:
      "country": "CA"
  2. Collect KYC/CIP data
  • Canada-based merchants have a Business Number, not an EIN which must be an optional field for merchants.
  • The SIN field must be optional for merchants.
  • If using the KYC iFrame, then the country variable must be set to CA.

It's important to note that all Canadian merchants will be manually verified by WePay, and as a result we will request verification documents more often than from merchants in the United States. You can help prevent any payout delays by suggesting that merchants upload verification documents up-front, as opposed to waiting until we request documentation.

Use the documentation guidelines here under the "Individual, CA" and "Entity, CA" headers.

Process Payments in Canada

Consider the following restrictions and requirements for payments to Canada-based merchants:

  • No eCheck availability
  • Surcharging is not allowed
  • Card verification value (CVV) is mandatory for initial ecommerce transactions
    • Subsequent transactions using a card on file do not require CVV
  • Visa requires Canadian merchants to capture and pass Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) in all card-not-present (CNP) transactions except for:
    • Recurring transactions (after the card has already been used for a payment with CVV2)
    • Card on File transactions (after the card has already been used for a payment with CVV2)
    • Credit Card transfers
    • Digital Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Disclose processing fees to merchants
  • Debit acceptance toggle
  • Payment descriptors on payers' card statements do not include WPY*; these descriptors will only include the value for the merchants statement_description parameter

Payout Merchants in Canada

Same Day Deposits are not currently available for Canada-based merchants.

Attach a payout method to an Account belonging to a Legal Entity with "country": "CA":
curl -X POST \
  --url '{id}' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'\
  -H 'App-Id: {your-app-id}'\
  -H 'App-Token: {your-app-token}'\
  -H 'Api-Version: 3.0'\
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-raw '{
  "payout": {
    "currencies": {
      "CAD": {
        "payout_method_id": "{YOUR-PAYOUT-METHOD-ID}",
        "period": "weekly"
Remove a payout method from an Account belonging to a Legal Entity with "country": "CA":
  "payout": {
    "currencies": {
      "CAD": null