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Welcome to WePay’s comprehensive onboarding guide. These docs are intended for a more technical audience looking to integrate one of the WePay products, but should provide a comprehensive product overview.

This page will guide you through the set-up process for the Partner Center. You’ll register for an account, create and grab necessary credentials, and set your bank account up for payouts. Once you’re done, you can move on to the API Basics page.

Sign Up


Start by heading to, if you haven’t already.

We recommend using an aliased email address to sign up (so, something like as this allows for multiple people to access your company’s account, instead of tying it to a single person’s login. Another benefit is that the person responsible for filling in Know Your Customer (KYC) details can do so at a later time while you onboard to the API and begin making calls.

If you’re simply testing the API, it’s fine to use your own email address, and create a separate account using an alias at a later time.

Confirm Email Address


Make sure to confirm your email address once you’ve finished signing up for an account. If you haven’t, be sure to visit here, and click the banner to resend the confirmation email.

A banner reminding you to confirm your email

Generate App Tokens


Before you can make an API call, you’ll need to grab your App ID, API version, and App Token. You’ll need to generate an App Token through the partner center. Simply click “Create Token”, enter a unique name, and hit save.

You can generate up to 3 tokens. As an example for using multiple tokens, you can think of each as a way to logically separate different components of your system which may interface with different parts of the Clear API. For example, you could have one service that exclusively deals with payment processing, which would have its own token that is revocable at any time. It’s not mandatory to generate more than 1 token.

Live Vs. Test


When you finish signing up for an account, you’ll begin in the test environment. All of these credentials will let you interface with The test environment is intended for your testing and prototyping. When you are ready to launch, you can begin the process of certification to move towards Live in the dashboard.

As using Live credentials executes actual money movement, we do not allow any account to move to Live until they have passed certification. We define certification throughout the basic integration process.

Add Bank Account


Once you’ve confirmed your account, generated an app token, and gathered all credentials, you can add a Bank account to receive payouts. As a reminder, you need to fill out KYC information to receive payouts. Usually, a Controller, VP level, or C-level person is responsible for filling this information.

While this step isn’t necessary to do before making API calls, it’s a one-time set up, and lets you receive payouts daily (midnight settlement), weekly (every Monday), or monthly (first of the month). If these days are a bank holiday, it’ll be the next day.

Next, we’ll cover the basics of API. Questions? Need help? Visit our support page!