Link Overview



Link is currently available in stage only.


Link is the easiest way to integrate payments using Chase Integrated Payments, and monetize the transactions flowing through your platform. Your platform earns a referral fee for each transaction you refer to us.

Developer Focused


Link offers simplicity, making for a first-in-class payments experience with a low integration effort. We have optimized our APIs to make integration easy, with only 2 API calls needed to onboard a merchant, and Pre-built UI’s to give your merchants a seamless, Chase Integrated Payments branded experience. Once integrated with the API, we handle all risk management, compliance overhead, merchant support, and reporting functionality.

Features include:

  • Ease of integration
  • Modern, RESTful APIs
  • Highly available
  • The brand recognition of Chase Integrated Payments

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Get Started


Get started with the Link Basic Integration:

  1. Platform Setup
  2. Onboard Merchants
  3. Process Payments
  4. Manage Payments
  5. Test and Launch